AD Point

Location-Based Advertising on KMB App 1933

Drive Potential Customers to Your Business

Ad appears seamless with in-app content 

Employ eye catching visual advertising to improve consumers’ perceptions of your brand.

Non-disruptive advertising

New kind of non disruptive advertising for display. Allows audiences to enjoy vertical banner ad, comparing to old-fashioned pop-up ad.

25,000 bus route stops for selection

Brand dominance: only 1 ad. at each bus stop

Target specific segment of App-users by bus routes serving different group of passengers

Ad. reaches out prospective App-users who are (going to be) near Location

  • App Download: 4,000,000+

  • Daily Active Users: 1,000,000+

  • Daily Impression: 6,000,000+

Option 1

Select AD Points that are close to your business location

Option 2

Select bus routes based on your specifically targeted area / segment of passengers

Examples are bus routes serving

  • Middle-class areas

  • Parents of newborns / young infants

  • New residential property

  • Tertiary students

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